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We provide expert, collaborative environmental and natural resource consulting, construction and vegetation services throughout the Pacific Northwest and Midwest.

We are a team of interdisciplinary, focused and innovative natural resource professionals. Our company provides natural resource planning, technical assistance and support services to public agencies, non-profits, tribes, the private sector and homeowners.


We work withing fragile urban and developed landscapes – like urban forests, marine shorelines, wetlands and native forests – providing short-term and long-term management solutions, and highly specialized environmental contractor services. Our unique, holistic appreciation for natural resources and landscapes set us apart as a boutique service provider.


We assist developers and builders at all stages of a project, from feasibility to after-care to ensure their needs are met. We work with cities to better understand their urban forests and create effective policy that encourages and accelerates urban forest benefit and equity.


Our clients are both large and small. Call us about your project today.

Our Mission

“Peninsula Environmental Group holistically manages the fragmented, yet interconnected, ecosystems within our communities, urban areas and wild spaces. Our passion is the interface between person and plant; community and green space.”

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How to Turn Your Backyard into A Private Wildlife Sanctuary

August 14, 2020
From honeybees to beautiful birds, it’s easy to make changes to your backyard that will attract wildlife. Our guide explains...
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Trees for Bees

June 25, 2020
“If the bee disappeared off the face of the Earth, man would only have four years left to live.” – Albert Einstein   There...
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Plant & Landscape Technician – Job Posting

May 7, 2020
Job Title: Plant Technician Location: Port Angeles, WA Pay: $15-18 per hour DOE Hours: 20 hours a week through May,...
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Choose Your Trees

April 30, 2019
As residents of the Evergreen State, trees are a staple landscape feature for both aesthetics and environmental benefits. From improved...

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