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The Forest as a Whole

Peninsula Environmental Group, Inc. is an interdisciplinary team of natural resource consultants and environmental professionals.

We are a solution-oriented group of arborists, watershed and wetland biologists, urban & community foresters, ecologists, horticulturalists, and designers dedicated to holistic ecosystem management. We evaluate, analyze and interpret the biological world from individual trees and small residential properties to the dynamic and complex ecosystems within our communities, urban areas, and wildland-urban interfaces. Our environmental solutions provide clients with advanced, yet accessible, science-based management of landscapes. Let us help you better manage your land and plants.

PEG provides residential evaluation, planning and permitting services for trees, wetlands, shoreline developments, small landowner forests, wildlife habitat surveys, mitigation projects and tree protection projects.

For business, public and municipal sectors we provide biological evaluation, interpretation, planning, permitting, compliance and monitoring services. PEG performs wetland delineations, ratings and mitigation services, tree risk management and tree protection planning, tree inventories, compliance and monitoring, shoreline impact and net-loss evaluations, green space planning, wildlife habitat surveys and monitoring, UAV and geospatial solutions, and other important environmental consulting services. We deliver urban forest consulting, natural system consulting, and remote sensing services across Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana and Michigan.

We also provide residential and institutional plant disease management services, invasive and noxious weed management, IPM planning, habitat restoration, steep slope and shoreline restoration and critical area restoration services in Washington State.

Our Mission

“Peninsula Environmental Group holistically manages the fragmented, yet interconnected, ecosystems within our communities, urban areas and wild spaces. Our passion is the interface between person and plant, community and green space.”

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Now Hiring: Plant Technician

February 19, 2019
Peninsula Urban Forestry is hiring for a seasonal (Mar-Oct full-time) Plant Technician based out of the North Olympic. Check out...
Outreach and Education

An Expert’s Findings and Review of Poor City Planning

January 8, 2019
There is a tremendous amount of inaccurate information spreading concerning the recently removed Lions Park Sequoia tree, stemming from both...
Bainbridge island
Arborist Services, Permitting

Bainbridge Island Arborist Reports and Tree Permits

August 24, 2018
Peninsula Urban Forestry offers a variety of arborist reports for Bainbridge Island, WA, including pruning specifications and tree permitting services...
Mazama pocket gopher survey
Evaluation and Analysis

Mazama Pocket Gopher

June 8, 2018
We are certified by the US Fish & Wildlife Service and Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife to survey for...
Coasts and Shorelines

Conducting a Forage Fish Survey

June 7, 2018
Forage fish surveys must be conducted 72 hours prior to any type of construction in or near the water. These...

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