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The Puget Sound waterway includes 2,500 miles of marine shoreline, including vast areas of high banks and steep slopes. Numerous elements factor into the stability and security of the slope on which your home investment rests upon. Vegetation, geology, hydrology, and coastal processes are the primary influences. Peninsula Environmental Group utilizes an integrated approach to erosion and landslide prevention by mimicking natural systems, installing native plants and using biostructural engineering techniques.

We offer simple, effective solutions to reduce erosion, avert shallow landslides and stabilize slopes. Planning and prevention are key to waterfront ecosystem management.

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Our Shoreline Services

Consultation & Design:

​Evaluation is the first step towards shoreline management. Our experience and education in tree morphology, ecology and vegetation patterns allows us to “read the landscape”. By reading the patterns in soil and vegetation above ground we evaluate the past and current conditions of your marine waterfront.

Planning & Permitting:

Most municipalities and counties bordering the Puget Sound waterway require permits for any sort of work near the shore. We can develop the planning documents required and walk you through the permitting process.The adoption of a planning guideline will increase plant survivability, slope resiliency, and overall project success. Putting the “right plant in the right place” is key to a successful vegetation investment.

Implementation & Installation:

​Our experience as climbing arborists coincides well with the required installation for steep slope planting. Using safe climbing practices, we reduce soil erosion by reducing foot traffic on the slope. Our integral knowledge of plants, ecology, and planting techniques results in exceptional plant success rates in our projects.

Design Techniques

Three primary marine shoreline design techniques exist:

  • Natural—vegetation, drainage, holistic—$
  • Soft—vegetation, reslope, log/rock placement—$$
  • Hard—concrete bulkheads, engineered—$$$​

Our focus is on natural and soft shoreline design techniques. Peninsula Environmental Group provides services from initial consultation and design, to planning and permitting, and lastly implementation and installation.

​Vegetation can protect slopes by reducing erosion, strengthening soil, and inhibiting landslides. The use of vegetation to manage erosion and protect slopes is relatively inexpensive and does not require engineering or heavy machinery.

Who We Are

Peninsula Environmental Group is a group of arborists, ecologists and plant experts working to increase plant, tree and ecosystem health in our urban areas. We believe trees and the urban environment require integrated, holistic management.

Our principal is a tenured member of the American Society of Consulting Arborists, the Society of Municipal Arborists, and the Pacific Northwest Chapter of the International Society of Arboriculture. We have over 30 years experience in arboriculture, urban & traditional forestry, vegetation management, wildlife & marine biology, ecology, and habitat restoration.

Let us help you with your plants and land.