Wood Testing Services

Wood Testing Services

Professional Testing

Our specialized device features a 34-inch drill bit used for “seeing” inside trees, utility poles, log cabins and much more.  By measuring and interpreting the resistance of the wood in relation to drill power consumption, the device prints live data onto a graph, allowing our specialists to visualize and understand what is happening on the inside and better inform decisions relating to structural analysis, damage mitigation and beyond.

Using specialized equipment, we are able to inspect and analyze wood for signs of decay, damage, or any other structural abnormality with minimal impact to the wood itself.

Utility and Maintenance Poles

Bridges and Trestles

Cabins & Playground Equipment

resistograph pole inspection

Marine Structures

Historic Buildings

Trees and other structures


Our wood-testing device uses an electronic high-resolution needle drill to measure resistance in wood.

Our specialized devices are non-destructive. The needle used during examination is 1.2 mm diameter, leaving behind an inconspicuous hole. This technology means fast and accurate measurements while minimizing impact to the observed area. If you need objective, verifiable data – we can help.

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