Conservation Arboriculture

Conservation Arboriculture

Cultivation and preservation of historic, heritage and legacy-tree management, through proper science and management including promoting disease resilience, soil and habitat improvements.

Our Certified Arborists specialize in the cultivation and preservation of legacy trees through an application of soil management, adaptive pruning, and disease treatments.  

Step 1:

Board Certified Master Arborist or Senior Horticulturalist plant examination & diagnosis.

Step 2:

Soil sample to identify soil nutrient deficiencies, organic content, and soil composition.

Step 3:

Prescription and treatment of tree, to include soil amendment, skilled pruning, and disease treatments.

What is conservation arboriculture?

Conservation arboriculture is the natural art and science of tree management in historical landscapes and contexts.


It includes a holistic approach to tree management, which identifies a tree as an ecosystem itself, abundant in both above-ground and below-ground habitat for a wide variety of life. Ancient trees are home to communities of organisms living within their decaying wood, roots and the soil they occupy. 


Above-ground, ancient trees are home to many terrestrial and aquatic bird and mammal species, including wood-ducks, wood peckers, owls, sparrows, chipmunks, and flying squirrels.   

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