Forest Walkabout

Forest Walkabout

Our Forest Walkabout service is a great way for both new and experienced homeowners to learn about the complex and interconnected landscapes they live within – Pacific Northwest forests.

During our walkabout, we join the homeowner on an educational walk through their property to observe, evaluate, and analyze a wide number of environmental factors. This overview of your property will provide tremendous insight into how to care for and properly and holistically manage your trees, plants and land.

Concepts Covered During Our Walkabout:

• Preliminary site desktop-evaluation where we evaluate general landscape scale considerations and ecology, soil characteristics, fish & wildlife habitat, topography and aspect, site history and buildings/land modifications.

• Identify trees, shrubs and ground covers on site, and their associated wildlife constituents. Identify non-native, invasive plant species and any observable forest diseases or pests compromising forest conditions.

• Generally assess and categorize ecology of the site.

• Identify and assess general tree health & risk associated with nearby targets. A landscape walkabout does not constitute a formal Tree Risk Assessment for regulatory or legal purposes but can provide actionable recommendations.

• General wildlife and habitat characteristics.

• Identify and assess general site hydrology, slope and soil characteristics that relate to overall site health.

• Perform site inspection to evaluate areas of concern. Includes, soil composition hand test, general soil compaction testing, and visual assessments.

Recommendations and Conclusions Provided:

• Recommendations on tree and forest management, related to risk and disease management.

• Identify individual trees and areas of the forest to manage or prune, for reasons such as view maintenance/enhancement, and landscape aesthetics. Included are the preferred seasons to prune for that specific plant and purpose and pruning techniques.

• Isolate opportunities to increase forest resiliency in relation to forest health, forest pests & diseases, non-native species issues and forest growth/cultivation.

• Identify opportunities for wildlife improvement and enhancement.

• Identify opportunities and risks regarding wildfire in Western Washington.

Optional Services:

UAV Photography and Mapping  |  Soil Sample & Analysis  |  Plant Tissue Analysis  |  Soil Drainage Assessment  |  Tree Risk Evaluation  |  Soil Organic Matter Analysis  |  Wetland Delineation  |  Water Quality Test

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