Timber Cruise & Valuation

Timber Cruise & Valuation

Peninsula Environmental Group provides timber cruising, timber valuation and timber appraisal services to homeowners, small forest landowners, and larger working forestlands.

What you get:

Free quote for your timber appraisal and valuation

Valuation of timber on your property

Timber cruise and inventory report

Tree statistics, tree per acre, and average tree data


Non-industrial private forest (NIPF) landowners

Residential and small forest landowners

Commercial timber companies

Public agencies

If you are looking to purchase or sell forestland, or interested in selling timber, or simply want to understand what your forest is worth, a timber cruise and valuation will help. Our expert natural resource and forestry personnel will inventory and evaluate trees across your property in a systematic fashion, measuring trees and identifying timber grade.

We will provide merchantable timber statistics and general forest statistics per species of tree, enabling long-term management along with in-depth harvest planning and maximizing your return.

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