Healthy plants begin with healthy soil

Organic fertilization is just the beginning of good soil health. Adjusting soil pH, beneficial soil mycorrhizae and ensuring adequate organic matter content are equally important to healthy trees and shrubs. The soils around our homes are often heavily compacted, void of organic matter and contain no beneficial soil organisms. Peninsula Environmental Group can stimulate healthy growing conditions for plants in these degraded soils.

Beneficial mycorrhizal inoculations

Beneficial mycorrhizae inoculations are important to plant growth in multiple ways. The mycorrhizae increase tree’s accessibility to water and nutrients, reducing drought stress. Different strains of mycorrhizae actually defend the soil against antagonistic fungi which cause disease.

Deep root fertilization and pH testing

Every property has different soil composition. We test soil levels of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium for our customers. Our local and organic fertilizers contain slow release nitrogen which is not lost to leaching and runoff. Other micro-fertilizers are applied on an as-need basis to reduce costs and relieve environmental pollution.