Forestry & Forest Stewardship

Forestry & Forest Stewardship

Forest stewardship requires a holistic and evidence-based approach. Our passion stems not solely from forest sustainability but also forest regeneration.

Coupled with our experience in ecological restoration and individual tree management systems, we offer a wide variety of services to homeowners with small remnant forests, to large land owners managing 100’s of acres.

• Forest Management Plans
• Timber Management Plans
• Forest Disease Assessments
• Tax Relief Reporting – Designated Timber Lands
• Fish & Wildlife Habitat Enhancement
• DNR Forest Practice Permits:
(Class I, II, III, IV)
(Riparian & Wetland Management Zones)

• Timber Appraisals/Fair-Market-Values
• Low Impact Logging Plans
• Timber Cruising
• Conifer Release Thinning
• Broadleaf Control – Herbicide Application
• Bark Beetle Treatments
• Timber Trespass

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Our clients are residential homeowners, developers and public agencies and our projects range from small biological evaluations to large multi-year plans. We have worked on projects across the Pacific Northwest and are passionate about what we do.