Small Landowner UAV Mapping

We map Pacific Northwest farms, forests, wetlands and estuaries starting at around an acre in size to many hundreds of acres.

This service is useful for landowners who want to rapidly count trees, find pockets of dead or unhealthy trees, or scout out areas for enhancement and restoration.

Our design team can incorporate your UAV map into you landscape design process, or if you simply want a ‘bird’s-eye-view’ of your land, we can help.

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Technology is the most effective way to inspect & map your land.

uav drone wetland
uav drone
uav drone

Different Landscapes We Map: 

• Farms

• Forests

• Wetlands

• Estuaries

• Steep Slopes

• Planted Landscapes

• Building/Development Sites


Rapid Analysis: 

Using advanced UAV and remote sensing technology, including NDVI and NDRE, we can map beyond what the naked eye can see.

With special equipment and spatial analysis tools, we can count individual trees with high accuracy within forested stands. We can visually map distressed and pressures on farms, and spot out noxious weeds through flower colors rapidly on large scales.

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