Natural Resource Planning

Natural Resource Planning

Natural resource planning, permitting and compliance is designed to protect and manage impacted landscapes as well as increase natural resource resilience in communities.

Our intimate experience in dynamic natural systems helps us plan their interactions with complex human built systems. On the other side of compliance, our expert insight into local, state and federal permitting requirements help out clients save time and money on their projects.

• Natural Resource Policy Guidance
• Tree Protection Regulation Development & Review
• Urban Forest & Community Greenspace Planning
• Ordinance Development & Revision
• Ecological Architecture & Ecosystem Restoration Design
• Street Tree Design Planning
• Contract Preparation & Supervision
• Street Tree & Community Tree Inventories

• Biological Data Acquisition & Analysis
• Training, Presentations & Educational Programs
• Stakeholder Planning & Participation
• Urban Forestry Program Operational Planning & Audits
• Tree Risk Assessment, Risk Avoidance & Risk Management
• Tree Inventory & Data Acquisition Services
• Tree Appraisals, Expert Witness & Tree Forensics
• Construction, Infrastructure & Tree Planning

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Our clients are residential homeowners, developers and public agencies and our projects range from small biological evaluations to large multi-year plans. We have worked on projects across the Pacific Northwest and are passionate about what we do.