Kitsap Sun (News) – December, 2014

State crew shaping up Bremerton’s trees

BREMERTON — Trees in the city are getting some special attention this month. A state crew from the Department of Ecology has been traversing Bremerton’s parks and boulevards, trimming the city’s tree population and ridding some areas of.....

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Washington Conservation Corps (Newsletter) – April, 2014


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Entomological Society of America (Conference Paper) – November, 2013

Prey Handling of Toxic and Non-toxic Lepidopteran Prey by Chinese Mantid, Tenodera sinensis

Monarch caterpillars, Danaus plexippus, sequester toxic cardenolides from milkweed plants. This defense is effective against most predators, but the Chinese mantid, Tenodera sinensis, is able to consume them without any apparent ill effects. It has.....

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Harvard Forest (Blog) – July, 2013

Wool-Wearing Villains

Clashing, crashing, smashing–the once hearty hemlock heaves its now crippled form to the forest floor. What brings this mighty tree to its knees? Was it the axe man, his barrel chest booming with each thunderous blow? Was it the furious gusts of a.....

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URI Today – July, 2013

URI Students Studying Ecology, Pests at Harvard Forest

KINGSTON, R.I. – July 16, 2013 – Two students at the University of Rhode Island are spending the summer studying forest ecology as part of the Harvard Forest Summer Research Program, a prestigious Harvard University initiative that teams.....

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Center for Sustainable Forestry at Pack Forest (Essay) – 2009

Experimental Forests as a Gateway Protection of Ecosystem Services Through Sustainable Forest Management

Individuals around the globe are joining the initiative to keep a “green space.” By keeping an area growing with plant life, photosynthesis and all the marvelous components associated help to better the environment through temperature.....

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