Invasive, Exotic and Noxious Plant Control


Peninsula Urban Forestry is a Washington State Department of Agriculture licensed Commercial Pesticide Operator.

We specialize in herbicide application within aquatic areas, right-of-way’s, ornamental landscapes, turfs, soils and stumps.

We also use mechanical brush clearing tools, tillers and our hands to physically remove some invasive plants.

We are highly educated, trained and intimately aware of the environmental impacts posed by herbicide over-usage.

We take great care and effort to verify our herbicide applications of noxious weeds and invasive plants are controlled, selective and used only when necessary.

 Invasive Plant Services     

  • Class A, B & C invasive plants
  • Noxious weed  spraying
  • English ivy removal
  • Blackberry clearing
  • Scotch broom control
  • Aquatic herbicides
  • Integrated Pest Management (IPM)
  • Manual clearing and herbicides.
  • UAV mapping

Full-service Vegetation Control

Treating invasive plants with herbcides is the first step. After initial treatments, most invasive plants will grow back if nothing is planted in their place. Part of our Integrated Plant Management technique requires proper planning of herbicide application so we can install native species of plants directly after treatment. We can replant the area with native species and grasses to arrest the life-cycle and reproduction of these noxious weeds. One application of herbicide is never enough to control and manage an invasive weed.  Without the additional of strong, native plants to compete with the invasive weeds, they will return. This holistic approach to weed management is labeled an Integrated Pest Management (IPM).

Special Equipment

  • We offer basic back-pack spraying
  • Power spraying for tall trees and vast areas
  • Injectable treatments for knotweed, bamboo and others
  • Stump treatments for re-growing stumps of laurel, holly, etc.
  • Lance capsule treatments for quick treatment of Ivy stems, holly and others

Rappelling to Treat

We use our tree climbing experience to rappel and control the State’s Class A Noxious weeds in hard to reach areas. Steep bluffs, shorelines, mountain sides and lakes are some of our more exotic treatment areas.

NPDES/EPA Permitting

We are fully permitted by the Environmental Protection Agency via a contract through State Department of Agriculture to spray in aquatic areas.

Record Keeping

In accordance with State law, we record and track every instance of herbicide usage. Our aquatic treatments are recorded and provided to the State via our NPDES permit. These records are kept in our office for 10 years.



Examples of our work: