Owners Association Bluff Tree Management & Habitat Plans

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Owners Association Bluff Tree Management & Habitat Plans

August 26, 2017

Our team facilitates tree pruning on steep shoreline slopes Port Townsend annually. We collaborate with property owners and appropriate volunteer board, assess and evaluation desired pruning and provide recommendations. To save time and money on hiring multiple consultants, our wildlife biologist visits the property with our consulting arborists and provides habitat protection recommendations. Two reports, a bluff tree pruning plan, and a habitat management plan, are provided to the County to facilitate tree trimming on the bluff.

Our pruning prescriptions are intended to determine if trees can withstand pruning, how much pruning they can tolerate, and if pruning is suitable for each tree species. Our primary goal is maintaining the integrity of the vegetation on the bluff and ensure overall tree health and longevity, while recapturing lost views due to vegetation growth.

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