Sequim Bay Area, Shoreline Restoration

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This shoreline restoration project in the Sequim Bay area involved a thorough slope assessment to identify any issues with the slope that we could help with. Our assessment indicated invasive plant species presence, sparse vegetation, signs of improper stormwater management causing erosion, and areas of erosion that could be amended by natural stabilization techniques (waddles, live staking, plant installation, coir fabric to reduce wind erosion).


We determined that we could assist by removing the monoculture of English ivy that had taken over the slope and by installing native plants at the crest of the slope and along terraces of the slope itself. We manually removed the ivy, followed up with herbicide application, and then coir erosion fabric was installed along the slope crest and face. Native plants were installed at the top and any bare ground was covered with mulch to reduce erosion and limit the return of the ivy. Willow live stakes and waddles were installed along the slope face to jump start native regrowth and help with stabilization.


The site also had two tight lines that were degraded to the point of leaking mid slope, which causes erosion. We replaced those with ones that fully extend to the shoreline and outlet at areas that will not negatively impact slope health.


If you are experiencing shoreline erosion at your property or need to remove noxious weeds, call or email us today to discuss how we can help restore your property using science-based restoration and management methods.

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