Marine Shoreline Steep Slope Rehabilitation

Following tree removal on a shoreline in Port Angeles, Peninsula Environmental installed over 1,000 native low growing trees, shrubs and herbaceous herbs and grasses on this shoreline steep slope. Plants were chosen for their suitability in a nearshore environment, tolerance to salt, sun and wind, and ability to establish in hardened clay soils. This installation aided in reducing slope instability after tree removal.

The install crew maneuvered along the slope using climbing ropes to minimize damage and erosion while installing the plants. Plants were of many sizes, including 10-cubic inch plugs, 4-inch plugs, bare-roots and 1-gallons. All of our planting techniques and plant selections are using best available science on the subject of slope stabilization.

Long-term vegetation management within view corridors, while maintaining slope stability and controlling erosion, are important considerations in steep slopes on the Strait of Juan de Fuca and the Puget Sound. We aim to minimize long-term maintenance need, reducing tree and shrub pruning, through installation of plants that both inhibit slope issues and allow homeowners to reclaim lost views.

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