Certified Arborists & Tree Care

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Our consulting arborists help residential homeowners, developers, and the public sector manage trees for risk and health. We write Tree Risk Assessments, tree protection plans, and perform general tree health assessments.

We also provide expert witness services related to trees and vegetation management related to land use, real estate, trespass, negligence, and personal injury.

Call us with your tree projects

Tree Risk Assessment

Consulting Arborists manage tree risk through education and arboricultural experience. Before removing a tree, call us for a risk assessment.

Arborist Reports

We write arborist reports for city, county and HOA permits and tree removal.

Timber Management Plans

Washington State’s Designated Forestland program includes options for tax relief for timbered properties.

Viewshed Permits and Pruning

We write permits for viewshed pruning and clearing and carry out the work, once permitted.

Expert Witness Services & Tree Appraisals

We provide expert testimony for timber trespass and other tree legal matters. Be sure you have a credible, rigorous consultant on your side.

Plant & Soil Analysis

A soil or plant sample may help identify soil insufficiencies or complex plant diseases. If you have plants in poor condition, give us a call.