Consulting Arborists & Foresters

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Consulting Arborists and Foresters can help you better manage your trees and forests. We provide tree management guidance to residential homeowners, developers, and the public sector.


We perform Tree Risk Assessments, write viewshed pruning plans, evaluate tree disease, write tree protection plans for development, conduct tree inventories, write vegetation management plans, provide timber trespass consulting and more.

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We are staffed with one Board Certified Master Arborists, two Registered Consulting Arborists, a Municipal Arborist, and a Professional Forester. All of whom have the ISA Tree Risk Assessment Qualification.

Tree Risk Assessment

Tree Risk Assessment is an internationally qualified approach to evaluate, identify, and manage risk in trees. Our Consulting Arborist staff are trained in this method of assessment, and others. Before you have your tree pruned or removed by a company who profits off pruning and removal, ask a tree professional if it’s necessary or good for the tree.

Arborist Reports & Tree Permits

We write arborist reports for a variety of needs, including personal records, interactions with neighbors, city or county tree permits, and HOA requirements.

Pre-Purchase Tree Inspection

We provide pre-purchase tree inspections to help better understand the land you are purchasing. Is the forest healthy? Are trees surrounding the house safe? We can generally provide this service during your feasibility timeline prior to purchase.

Timber Management Plans

Washington State’s Designated Forestland program includes options for tax relief for timbered properties. If you own 5 acres or more of forestland, you qualify for tax relief. These plans must be renewed every 10 years, or whenever property ownership changes.

Insect and Disease Management for Plants & Trees

Plant and tree experts use an integrated approach to insects and diseases. Our Certified Arborists have accurately diagnosed and successfully treated thousands of trees, shrubs and lawns across the Pacific Northwest.

Plant/Soil Analysis and Diagnostics

A soil sample or plant sample may help identify soil insufficiencies or complex plant diseases. If you have plants you care about that aren’t establishing well or are in poor condition, these analysis may help.

Viewshed Management and Pruning

Trees grow in our views, but they also prevent erosion and bluff instability. We take both of these factors into account when managing viewsheds. Our Consulting Arborists both write plans for viewshed management and can perform the pruning and removal work needed to manage your viewshed.

Expert Witness Services & Tree Forensics

Our owner, Board Certified Master Arborist and Registered Consulting arborist provides expert testimony for timber trespass and other natural resource legal matters. Tree appraisals and tree law are complex. Make sure you have a reputable, scientific firm on your side.

Tree Inventory and Mapping

We are highly-skilled and effective at tree inventories and surveys for public agencies, institutions, developments, and other large tree owners.