Utility Services

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We offer ground penetrating radar, private locating and utility pole inspection, inventory and mapping services across the nation.


Our team uses specialized equipment to inspect utility poles across the nation. We also use GIS and GPS to map and inventory utility poles for further management by the utility owner. We provide this service across the United States and have prior experience in Washington, Oregon, Michigan, Illinois, Kentucky and Florida.

Our utility foreman is a master locator who offers private utility locating and ground penetrating radar services out of our office in Moses Lake, Washington.

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Ground Penetrating Radar

Our team provides ground penetrating radar (GPR) services across in Washington, Idaho, Montana and Oregon. This advanced technology allows us to find untraceable and abandoned utilities, underground storage tanks (USTs), and other belowground structures. Outside of utilities, we use our GPR unit to service the archeology, geophysical and arboricultural industries.

Utility Pole Inspection and Mapping

Our team inspects thousands of utility poles across the United States annually. We use advanced technology to analyze wood fibers quickly and quantitatively. We do not spend time digging around utility poles or hand drilling with non-calibrated equipment. Our micro resistance drills provide graph of pole structure belowground, allowing utility asset managers to make timely decisions on their infrastructure.

Utility Locating Services

Our team provides belowground private utility locating services in Washington, Idaho, Montana and Oregon. With advanced technology and highly trained professionals, we can precisely locate and map your entire utility system.