Vegetation Management

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We provide professional herbicide application services to the commercial, public, nonprofit and residential sectors.


Our vegetation management services include accurate herbicide applications including noxious and invasive weed removal, right-of-way herbicide application, road-side and logging road spraying, industrial soil sterilization, and under asphalt herbicide.

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We offer a variety of vegetation management, herbicide and pond solutions. As biologists and natural resource scientists we understand the safe and accurate use of herbicides in sensitive environments.

Hydroseeding Services for Erosion Control

We have developed specialized hydroseed and hydraulic mulch techniques we apply specifically to erosion on steep slopes.

Herbicide Injections for Invasive Plants

We offer herbicide injection and other highly targeted application methods. This means our herbicide applications are inserted directly into the stem of the plant rather than sprayed topically. This reduces what’s called collateral damage, which is the herbicide damage on plants nearby the target species.

Noxious Weed & Invasive Plant Control

Our licensed herbicide applicators have experience with many regulated noxious weeds in a variety of environments, including wetlands, shorelines, streams and lakes. We control noxious weeds through integrated management techniques. These may include manual, mechanical, or chemical control of plants where appropriate in order to reach a desired outcome.

Roadside Herbicide Spraying

We spray roadsides for Department of Natural Resources, the Nature Conservancy, private logging firms and other private road owners. We have a 300-gallon spray tank with boomless side sprayers and a 500-gallon water buffalo for backcountry spraying.