Wetland & Shoreline Biologists

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Our certified wetland and shoreline biologists provide expert consulting services throughout the Puget Sound and Strait of Juan de Fuca. We have worked Puget Sound’s rigorous critical area policies since 2014.


We work with residential landowners, homeowners, developers, and the building community in a variety of protected environments, from planning to development.


These may include wetlands, shorelines, streams and wildlife corridors, Habitat Management Plans, and FEMA Flood Zones.

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Steep Slope Inspection

We inspect steep slopes and bluffs across the Puget Sound and Strait for vegetation and drainage concerns.

Shoreline Biologists

A shoreline biologist report may be required when building near Shorelines of the State.

Wetland Delineation & Rating

A wetland delineation and rating are required whenever building near a potential wetland.

Feasibility Studies

Feasibility studies are performed while purchasing real estate to better understand the environmental risks on a property.

No Net Loss (NNL) Assessments

A net loss assessment (NNL) is a study often required during shoreline development to measure and mitigate impacts.

Ordinary High Water Mark (OHWM) Delineation

An ordinary high watermark of a Shoreline of the State or stream is commonly used as the stratification between aquatic and upland habitat.

FEMA Habitat Assessments

A FEMA habitat assessment is required whenever planned development occurs within a FEMA Flood Zone.

Fish Exclusion, Removal and Relocation

We are certified by the WSDOT to conduct electrofishing and fish exclusion required for logging, culvert replacement, and other infrastructure.