Our Services

Our Services

Learn about who we work with, and the services we offer them.

Peninsula Environmental Group, Inc. provides innovative and expert natural resource management across a variety of environments and landscapes.

We consult with private and public developers, public agencies, tribes, state agencies, landowners and homeowners. We deliver arboricultural, urban forest and environmental consulting; as well as planning, data analysis, outreach, digital support and remote sensing services across the Pacific Northwest and the United States.

Who We Work With

Public and private development

  • Environmental feasibility & compliance
  • Wetland services
  • Arborist services
  • Tree & botany Inventories
  • Wildlife surveys

Public agencies, tribes and non-profits

  • Natural resource planning
  • Urban forest consulting
  • Data analysis
  • Program audits
  • Meeting facilitation
  • Outreach services
  • Grant writing & review
  • Social and digital media
  • UAV and videography services

Businesses, landowners and homeowners

  • Tree and plant house calls
  • Wetland & shoreline services
  • Arborist services
  • Forest management
  • Vegetation management

Federal government

  • FIA/UFIA prime contractor
  • Aquatic noxious weed surveys and removal
  • Tree inventories
  • Tree and forest diagnostics
  • Stand exams

Contact Us to Discuss Your Project

Our clients are residential homeowners, developers and public agencies and our projects range from small biological evaluations to large multi-year plans. We have worked on projects across the Pacific Northwest and are passionate about what we do.