Beneficial Fungi Inoculation

Healthy plants begin with healthy soil.

Mycorrhiza inoculations reduce plant stress, decrease susceptibility to drought and increase nutrient uptake. Call today for a quote.

See how mycorrhiza interact with roots


Peninsula Environmental Group inoculates soils and helps trees grow through the Olympic Peninsula & Kitsap Peninsula. With beneficial fungal inoculations we can promote healthy growth and stimulate living, natural soil conditions for shrubs and trees. Call us today.

Successful inoculation of trees requires irrigation of selected trees with 20-50 gallons of fungi formula. This formula is installed in the soil where tree roots can instantly react and help mycorrhiza germinate, though not deep enough to pass plant roots.

Beneficial fungi are the base for good soil health while increasing tree resiliency and tolerance to stress. Soils around our homes are often heavily compacted, void of organic matter and contain no beneficial soil organisms. Manual application of mycorrhiza into these degraded soils will promote and recreate healthy, natural soil systems.

Mycorrhiza increase a tree’s accessibility to water and nutrients. A substantial amount of nutrients and available water are tied up in soil particles too tight for plant roots to extract. These micropores in the soil are inaccessible to plant roots but can be penetrated by the microscopic mycorrhiza. This enables plants to extract valuable nutrients and water in drought conditions. In response for providing plant roots valuable resources, plants provide mycorrhiza with photosynthetic sugars through it’s roots. Aren’t plants interesting?! Different strains of fungi actually defend the soil against antagonistic fungi which cause disease and we call these antagonistic fungi strains.