Bird Surveys

Bird Surveys

Your property is home, forage & nesting to many different birds and avian species.

Bird Surveys are a great way to learn more about the birds & bats that live around you. Your local bird population is important when trying to encourage a healthy living environment for yourself, your trees, and your land.

What you’ll learn from a Bird Survey:

• Knowledge about your local species of birds

• The roles birds play in the ecology of your property.

• Learn bird songs and calls and basic nest finding techniques.

• Recommendations for literature to help better identify and understand the bird community on your land.

• We can help you develop a “calendar” that will help you key into certain bird behavior such as nesting season, migration, establishing wintering territories, etc.

• Locate spaces for introducing or improving bird and bat habitats through existing trees by installing specially-built and locally designed bird boxes and bat boxes on living trees.

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