Feasibility Studies

Feasibility Studies & Surveys

Our team writes many feasibility studies, including habitat management plans, site-specific impact analysis, no-net loss shoreline studies, and FEMA 100-year floodplain projects.

We have experience in most jurisdictions in Western Washington and have successfully managed many projects with potential environmental impacts.

Common Feasibility Studies and Surveys we Perform:

• Habitat Management Plans

• Site Specific Impact Analysis

• No-Net-Loss Shoreline Studies

• FEMA 100-Year Floodplains

• Wetland Reconnaissance

• Wildlife Surveys

• Migratory Bird Studies

• Forage Fish Surveys

Wetland & Stream Determinations

  • Determine Potential Wetlands & Streams
  • Identify Soil Issues Associated with Rain and Stormwater
  • Rain-Garden and Wetland Enhancement Recommendations
  • Integrate your Wet Areas with your Usable Landscape
  • Reduce Erosion and Landslide Potential


Feasibility Studies

  • Understand Local and State Regulations
  • Help Sell a Property with Critical Areas
  • Identify Limiting Factors for Development
  • Work with Regulators and our Permit Technicians to Increase Usable Land
  • Stormwater Discharge and Stormwater Credits

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