How We Assist Homeowners

How We Assist Homeowners

Peninsula Environmental Group Works with Homeowners in a Variety of Ways.

See how we can help on your project.

We assist homeowners during their land purchase and any critical area investigations, permitting and compliance. We work with Puget sound and Strait of Juan de Fuca shoreline homeowners, homeowners around wetlands, streams, and endangered species.

We provide services for managing trees and forests on your property. We work with you when your city or county requires permits to prune or removal trees nearby critical areas or the shoreline.

We design, install and monitor hyperfuntional landscapes, permaculture gardens and habitat/ecological restoration projects.

Homeowner & Residential Services: 

  • Shoreline Permitting and Shoreline Impact Assessments
  • Wetland Delineations, Ratings and Permitting
  • Plant and Tree Disease Evaluations and Treatment Recommendations, Plant Healthcare
  • Tree Risk Evaluation and Arborist Reports
  • Tree & Timber Appraisals, Expert Witness Services
  • Hyperfunctional Landscape Designs, Permaculture Design, Sustainable Landscaping
  • Construction Monitoring for Work Around Trees, Wetlands or Other Environmentally Sensitive Areas
  • Tax Relief Programs through Designated Forest Lands and Open Space

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