Hydroseed Services

Hydroseed Services

We hydroseed new and old lawns, road edges, and new construction across Clallam, Kitsap and Jefferson Counties. Offering erosion control grass, turf grass, native ground cover and clover options. Call us today for a free quote.

Hydroseeding is an effective and inexpensive alternative to installing sod – and grows more rapidly than sowing seed. Install new grass over bare soil after construction and reduce potential for erosion.

We also hydroseed specifically for landslide rehabilitation. For more information, click here.

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More efficient than traditional seeding and more affordable than laying sod, hydroseeding strikes a balance. Hydroseeding is a technique that spreads a specialized grass slurry evenly over bare soil to establish turf grass, clover eco-lawns, or even native ground cover.  A combination of seed, special mulch, fertilizer and mycorrhizae are added to the slurry.

Hydroseeded lawns grow faster than traditionally seeded lawns, thanks to the fertilizer and mycorrhizae in the slurry mixture. But similar to a traditionally seeded lawn, it can take about one year for the lawn to become thick and dense. This is why we prefer hydroseeding lawns in spring or summer (with irrigation). Lawns hydroseeded during that time will grow faster.

Top soil should be present at a depth of 4-6 inches (10-15 cm), after it has been slightly compressed. The soil type should be loamy compost mix. Dark nutrient rich topsoil provides a fertile soil environment. Preparing your top soil prior to hydroseeding is important in reducing pot holes, divots and sloughing of soil.

Healthy Lawns

Hydroseeding is an efficient way to grow a beautiful, healthy lawn without paying for expensive sod installation. Hydroseeding allows for traditional turf grass and eco-friendly lawns like clover and native ground covers. If applied at the right time, your lawn will be growing green in roughly a month.

Hydroseed Slurry

We add multiple products to our lawn hydroseed slurry. This includes healthy, locally produced seeds, fertilizer that’s adapted for your specific site, mycorrhizae to enable deep root growth, and a simple mulch compound to hydrate and retain the seeds where applied.

Green Armoring

We also offer hydroseeding specifically applied for erosion control. This hydraulic mulching and seeding product is engineered to bind to steep slopes. We incorporate native woody plants, as well as erosion control grass seeds, to our slurry. By this we promote immediate erosion control and long-term native plant reestablishment after landslides and in other bare ground areas.


Applications are performed in spring, fall and summer (with proper irrigation). We have 600 feet of hose that can access hard to reach areas. Expect healthy growth within a couple weeks and a healthy lawn within 1-3 months.