Plant/Soil Analysis and Diagnostics

Plant and tree professionals at Peninsula Environmental Group are experts at analyzing, identifying and diagnosing plant healthcare issues.

Services Offered:

  • Plant Identification
  • Plant Health and Problem Evaluation
  • Plant Tissue Analysis for Diseases and Disorders
  • Root Crown & Aerial Inspections
  • Soil Nutrient, pH, and Organic Matter Analysis
  • Lawn Nutrient and Health Analysis
  • Soil Drainage Assessments
  • Soil Density Analysis (Soil Compaction)
  • Tree Risk Evaluations
  • Insect/Arthropod Identification
  • Water Quality Test

Our horticulturalists, Certified Arborists, and plant and crop disease experts have accurately diagnosed and successfully treated thousands of trees, shrubs and lawns across the Pacific Northwest.


If your landscape plants, or stately trees, or even your crops are not as healthy as they used to be, we can help. If you believe your plants are not as green and vibrant, or as dense, or if you’ve spotted pests occupying the leaves and twigs, or spotted a fungus growing on your trees, call our experts for a free estimate.

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