Pre-Purchase Land Inspections

Pre-Purchase Land Inspections

Your home is inspected; next, understand the land you are purchasing and any local or state regulatory requirements.

Similar to home inspections, a pre-purchase inspection of your surrounding trees, landscape, forests, streams and ponds by experts is invaluable.

Our Arborists, Biologists and Foresters can help you make sense of your land. Regulations exist in a variety of properties through critical area and environmentally sensitive area ordinances. We can help answer the following questions:

  • Where to build and develop?
  • What is the building process?
  • What trees should be removed; which trees should be preserved?
  • What are the annual maintenance costs?
  • How can I increase the amount of usable land on my property?

Tree Risk Evaluations

  • Tree Species Identification
  • Tree Risk Evaluations
  • Tree and Forest Disease and Treatments
  • Long-term Care Costs
  • Forest Health & Stewardship Analysis




Landscape Maintenance Plans

  • Identify Pests, Diseases and Pathogens in Landscape
  • Maintenance Requirements and Maintenance Costs
  • Removal, Replacement and Landscape Conversions
  • Increase Landscape Function & Habitat
  • Control Noxious Weeds

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