Pre-Purchase Tree Inspections

Have you just purchased a new home surrounded by trees? Or maybe you're building a home in a forest and want to know what trees to remove? We work with land owners from preplanning stages to after home construction has occurred.

It’s normal to assess trees prior to clearing and development to understand what trees are safe to preserve and which trees aren’t. It’s also common for us to review trees around an existing property after your purchase it. This allows you to identify and manage any risks associated with trees on your property.

Our Tree Risk Assessment Qualified Certified Arborists assess individual trees and whole forests for risk, disease, pests, wildfire and more.

Tree Risk & Forest Evaluations

  • Tree Risk Evaluation
  • Forestland Tax Relief
  • Tree and Forest Diseases
  • Long-term Care Costs
  • Forest Health & Stewardship

Wetland and Shoreline Feasibility

  • Wetland and Critical Area Determinations
  • Wetland Delineation and Ratings
  • Shoreline Building Opportunities
  • Habitat Management Plans
  • FEMA Flood Zone

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