Tree Inventory Management

Tree Inventory Management

We are highly-skilled and effective at tree inventories and surveys for public agencies, institutions, developments, and other large tree owners.

Our team includes Board Certified Master Arborists, Utility Arborists, Municipal Arborists and Certified Arborists, all with Tree Risk Assessment Qualifications.

We offer multiple tiers of inventory options: from a brief Level-1 Tree Risk Evaluation and GPS point location, to utility auditing and city-wide urban forest inventories. Our inventory team can average 200-250 trees per day for a mid-tier inventory and upwards of 300-350 for a tier-1 inventory. With resources like sub-meter GPS/GIS technologies, advanced data collection tablets we offer quick, effective, and inexpensive tree inventories. We can use your tree inventory software, or custom create custom ArcGIS geodatabases with the select data-points you require.

Public Agency Tree Inventory Clients:

• City of Tacoma

City of Tumwater

• City of Fife

• City of Bremerton

City of White Salmon

• Washington Department of Ecology

• Washington Department of Enterprise Services

Private Tree Inventory Clients:

• Puget Sound Energy

• Pacific Gas & Electric

• Battelle Research Laboratory

• Port of Bellingham

• Kala Point Home Owners Association

• Cascade Bridge

• And many developers, engineers & surveyors!

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North Cascades Gateway Center

Department of Enterprise Services asked Peninsula Environmental Group to inventory and assess the risk of 25 historical trees growing at the North Cascades Gateway Center in Sedro-Woolley, Washington. Species represented in the 25 trees included mature red oak, pin oak, scarlet oak, burr oak, London planetree, copper beech, giant sequoia, Alaskan yellow cedar, Atlantic white cedar, american hornbeam and a variety of maples.

Our team collected a variety of data on each of the trees, including spatial relation to structures, heights, location of targets, targets availability for relocation or restriction, and a variety of tree statistics and health notes. In addition to the tree inventory, we wrote a management report on the inventoried trees. This report included recommendations for both a limited and full level of service, allowing the tree owner to decide what level of service fit within their timeline and budget.

We also found the state’s largest American hornbeam!