Tree Pruning for Tree Health

Tree Pruning for Tree Health

The science and art of proper tree care.

Trees are living organisms and arboriculture is the art and science of caring for trees. Certified Arborists are highly trained, educated and experienced arboricultural professionals. Tree and shrub pruning is the most commonly employed form of tree-care arborists can provide.

Why Prune?

As Arborists, we use pruning as a tool to extend the usable life of trees and shrubs. We understand science-based pruning methods and the results of applying different pruning methods at different times. Pruning a tree decreases it’s ability to respond to changes and conditions like pests & disease, drought, and over-watering. Since pruning can reduce the natural resiliency of trees, careful thought should be applied to why we are pruning. Some common objectives of tree pruning include:
• Improve tree structure and form
• Reduce risk associated with branches
• Removal of diseased leaves and wood
• Restorative pruning to correct previous damage, mal-pruning or branch failure.
• Increase or decrease fruit production
• Pruning for views and tree shapes4

Science-based Pruning Methods

Science-based pruning means pruning with both knowledge and an objective. Plant physiology, species, nutrient uptake, available water, time of year, and many other environmental factors play into tree pruning. By understanding some of these factors, Arborists make decisions on the timing, the methods and the amount of foliage and wood to remove from trees. Unlike mammals, trees don’t health, rather they compartmentalize or grow over wounds. This compartmentalization is an essential function for the tree to remain healthy after pruning. Using arborist technique, we prune to encourage compartmentalization of tree wounds.
Proper pruning is one of the best things that can be done for a tree; improper pruning is one of the worst things that can be done to a tree.


-Dr. Alex Shigo, Forest Service Plant Pathologist

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Peninsula Urban Forestry provides pruning services for shrubs, small trees, medium trees and large trees. We do not provide removal services and can refer you to another contractor for tree removals.