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General Contractor Services

We are a boutique general contractor, offering a specialized and unique line of construction services. These services include stormwater management, wilderness construction, pile driving, water reuse, critical area restoration and freshwater and marine construction.

Our unique experience as an environmental consultant providing environmental management, ecological restoration, and arboriculture give us an advantage as a boutique service provider.

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Our construction services are offered throughout Western and Eastern Washington.

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Wood Inspection and Testing Services

We have extensive experience with utility pole testing programs. We’ve tested utility poles in Washington, Illinois, Michigan, and Minnesota. Our utility testing program allows utility planners the option to catalogue the poles and testing in a GPS format. This can be used in the future to reidentify certain poles and plan out the removal and reinstallation process.

Water Management Solutions

We manage stormwater, graywater, greenwater on your property. Green water is rainwater collected and reused. Stormwater is all the water that would have otherwise infiltrated into your soils, but cannot now provided impervious surfaces. Graywater is semi-dirty water from showers, dishwashers, washing machines, and your sink.

Tightlines & Other Stormwater

We specialize in steep slope stormwater control through the installation of fusion welded tightlines and unique pipe anchors and stabilizers. Our systems collect, disperse, and convey water to areas of your property that are less susceptible to erosion and slope instability. We also install curtain drains, channel drains, catch basins, rain gardens infiltration trenches and other stormwater practices.

Critical Area Mitigation & Habitat Restoration

We work in a variety of critical areas performing mitigation and habitat improvement work. This may include forest thinning, stem release and exclusion control, wetland and riparian planting, steep slope planting, noxious and invasive plant control, shoreline planting, and other ecological restoration work.

Wilderness Trails & Structures, Stairs

With a background in wilderness, forest service and park service trail building, we have decades in building wilderness trails and trail structures. We build trails down steep slopes with switchbacks secured with pilings, staircases down bluffs, log bridges, deck bridges, and many other walkable surface trails. We’ve even installed a skyline suspension bridge over a residential wetland.

Erosion Control, Steep Slope Restoration

Our team works on marine, freshwater and terrestrial bluffs across the Puget Sound and Strait of Juan de Fuca. We investigate slope conditions, outline corrective actions plans, and carry out the specialized work required to maintain these environments. Recommended actions may include invasive plant removal, erosion control fabric, biaxial geocells, native replanting, stormwater management, all of which is normally performed with fall protection harnesses.

Ecological Landscape Design & Installation

We don’t offer general landscaping services; our services are instead holistic and ecological in nature. We convert unused grass lawns into native plant parks or irrigation free xeriscapes. We install rain gardens, rock walls, ponds, wildlife snags, and other unique landscape features.

Habitat Trees & Wildlife Snags

We convert existing trees that are dead, diseased or failing into wildlife snags by reducing the prevailing risks on the tree, and adding unique habitat characteristics for wood ducks, owls, bats, wood peckers and other native animals. Don’t have a tree to convert to a wildlife snag? That’s ok; we can bring in a log, dig a hole and install one in your backyard!

Coastal/Marine Construction & Demolition

We commonly work in coastal and marine environments preforming a variety of tasks. Our heavy machinery is designed and implemented with shoreline and aquatic friendly oils and hydraulic fluid. Some services we offer are pile driving, bulkhead repair and sheet pile installation, bulkhead demolition, large woody debris installation, dock and pier installation and similar tasks.


We have multiple snowplow vehicles for our western Washington winter storms. Please call to sign up on our list. We provide both commercial and residential services.

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