Vegetation Management

Vegetation Management


We provide professional vegetation management services to the commercial, public, nonprofit and residential sectors.

Our vegetation management services include accurate herbicide applications, aquatic & lake herbicide management, noxious and invasive weed removal, right-of-way herbicide application, field mowing, industrial soil sterilization, and under asphalt herbicide.

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We offer a variety of vegetation management, herbicide and pond solutions. As biologists and natural resource scientists we understand the safe and accurate use of herbicides in sensitive environments.

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Roadside Spraying Applications

We spray roadsides for Department of Natural Resources, the Nature Conservancy, private logging firms and other private road owners. We have a 300-gallon spray tank with boomless side sprayers and a 500-gallon water buffalo for backcountry spraying.

Noxious Weed Control

Our licensed herbicide applicators have experience with many regulated noxious weeds in a variety of environments, including wetlands, shorelines, streams and lakes. We control noxious weeds through integrated management techniques. These may include manual, mechanical, or chemical control of plants where appropriate in order to reach a desired outcome.

Defensible Space/Firewise Planning

Our Certified Arborists are trained in defensible space planning. Defensible space planning in Western Washington is different from Eastern Washington. Our recommendations will include both vegetative and structural recommendations as our best available science shows that most wildfires in communities are spread through insufficient building practices and not necessarily the vegetation surrounding them.

AirSpade & Root Pruning

Our AirSpade® features a supersonic nozzle that shoots compressed air at high velocity to quickly break apart soils without damaging tree roots. It is used for non-damaging, quick removal of soil around tree roots, in order to inspect tree health and remediate impacted soils. It also allows for safe and fast excavation near active gas or electrical lines.

Aquatic Plant Control

We control submerged, emergent, and floating noxious weeds throughout Western Washington. We can file the state required environmental reports and permits, then treat when appropriately timed. We commonly have the most private aquatic herbicide applicators than any other company in Western Washington.

Land Clearing & Vegetation Mowing

We clear land with a variety of instruments, this can be integrated into your invasive plant control methods.

Herbicide Injections for Invasive Plants

We offer herbicide injection and other highly targeted application methods. This means our herbicide applications are inserted directly into the stem of the plant rather than sprayed topically. This reduces what’s called collateral damage, which is the herbicide damage on plants nearby the target species.

Bark Beetle Treatments

If you have an infestation of bark beetles, you can treat them before they damage too many of your trees. This is especially important if you are harvesting your timber, or if the trees are nearby your home. Bark beetle treatments are applied directly to trees by herbicide applicators at a specific time of the year.

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Our clients are residential homeowners, developers and public agencies and our projects range from small biological evaluations to large multi-year plans. We have worked on projects across the Pacific Northwest and are passionate about what we do.