Wilderness Trails and Structures

Wilderness Trails and Structures

Our team has extensive experience with recreational trail management, including design and construction, in both private and public lands. We have installed trails in public parks, wildland environments, marine shorelines, and residential landscapes.

With our experience as wildland contractors, we use technical and low-impact machinery and rigging to build trains in sensitive areas. Trails can be manufactured from natural soils, wood-chips, or impervious surfaces like brick and asphalt. We build staircases, and wooden and rock structures over steep slopes, streams, wetlands and terraces.

Trail, pathway and road impact consulting is another service we offer (e.g. How will your design impact your trees and native vegetation? Can an adjustment in the planning stage decrease overall maintenance over-time?)

Different trail installations we have designed and installed:

  • Suburban homeowner with 8 acres of forested land requested a dog walking and running trail. Our client desired a “rustic” or forest service style of trail. Installation took multiple weeks and in total we built 1.8 miles of trail.
  • Lake view trail system installation in Mason County. Our client desired a safe, long-term, non-erosion causing trail from their lake front property down to the lake.
  • Our team has over 15 years’ experience in professional trail building with the Forest ServiceNational Park ServiceWashington Trails Association, and the Washington Conservation Corps.
  • Wooden staircase trail providing access to a private beach in Poulsbo. Approximately 80 feet of staircase was built from the top of a steep slope to the beach, using low-impact methods and erosion reduction methods.
  • Natural earthen trail along a moderately steep slope from residential house to road beneath. Built on Bainbridge Island, this trail is approximately 1.2 miles long and included switchbacks and wooden stairs. The trail provides access for homeowners to reach their lower road and beach area.

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