Ground Penetrating Radar

Utilities | Underground Storage Tanks (UST) | Cemeteries | Tree Roots


Our team provides ground penetrating radar (GPR) services across in Washington, Idaho, Montana and Oregon. This advanced technology allows us to find untraceable and abandoned utilities, underground storage tanks (USTs), and other underground structures. Outside of utilities, we use our GPR unit to service the archeology, geophysical and arboricultural industries.

If you are concerned about belowground utilities on your construction site, we will scan your site preconstruction – or at any point where the need may arise.


Abandoned and unknown utility lines raise a significant liability for construction managers. Ground penetrating radar units can accurately locate buried utilities, abandoned lines, and utility lines where tracer wires are broken. We generally perform GPR surveys after a Phase 1 has been completed, to follow up on unknown lines and potentially hazardous underground storage tanks (USTs). This work can be performed pre-construction or after an abandoned line or UST has been encountered.


Ground penetrating radar provides archeologists detailed information on belowground artifacts and other buried evidence without having to break ground or otherwise disturb the site prematurely. This allows for a more efficient use of budgets and safe exploration around protected artifacts. GPR aides archeology by locating:

-Buried buildings and foundations,
-Forgotten infrastructure
-Underground tunnels and voids
-Bones, human or otherwise
-Lost & unmarked graves
-Buried military paraphernalia

How GPR Works

GPR data does not provide an outline of specific shapes located by a radar system, one must use their experience and best judgment to determine what found targets represent. GPR may tell you that something is there, but it will not image the exact shape of the object. Operating the system as intended will reveal much about the target. Making multiple side-by-side passes over the same survey site, for example, will create a clearer portrayal of the image and give greater understanding of the data collected.

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