Specialized Services

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We offer a variety of specialized services, including herbicide application, hydroseeding, light pile driving, wood testing, utility locating and stormwater management.

Our wood testing and utility pole testing we perform across the United States, while our utility locating and ground penetrating radar are performed through Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Montana.

The rest of our services are performed out of our main office in the Olympic Peninsula.

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Tightlines & Steep Slope Drains

We specialize in long-term drainage solutions on steep slopes. This includes tightlines, curtain & channel drains, catch basins, rain gardens, infiltration trenches and more.

Hydroseeding for Erosion Control

We have developed specialized hydroseed and hydraulic mulch techniques we apply specifically to erosion on steep slopes.

Ground Penetrating Radar

Our team provides GPR services across the PNW. Locate untraceable and abandoned utilities, USTs, and other belowground structures.

Utility Pole Inspection and Mapping

Our team inspects thousands of live utility poles across the United States annually. We use advanced technology to quantify decay objectively. We also map and inventory poles.

Private Locating Services

Our team provides belowground private utility locating services in Washington, Idaho, Montana and Oregon. 24/7 Availability.

Erosion Control & Slope Mitigation

We provide erosion control and slope mitigation in a variety of forms from inspection to restoration and stormwater.

Noxious Weed & Invasive Plant Control

Our licensed herbicide applicators have experience with many regulated noxious weeds in a variety of environments, including aquatic.

Roadside Herbicide Spraying

We spray hundreds of miles of roadsides annually with our 300-gallon 4×4 with boomless side sprayers and 500-gallon water buffalo.

Stormwater Solutions

We install HDPE tightlines, intercept drains, rain gardens, and other stormwater solutions.

Wood Inspection Services

We inspect wood in playgrounds, in houses and foundations, on docks and piers. Our advanced technology and understanding of wood sets us apart.