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2022 Arborist Assessments & Tree Care

Our arborists wrote around 100 arborist reports and our tree care crew removed hundreds of trees in 2022. Projects were between Forks, Gig Harbor and Whidbey Island.

2022 Wetland and Shoreline Reports

Our team of biologists conducted around 40 wetland delineations and 30 shoreline assessments in 2022. Projects were between Forks, Yelm and Whidbey Island, most of them on Bainbridge Island or Kitsap County.

2022 Stormwater Projects

We completed nearly 20 residential stormwater projects in 2022. This included general stormwater drainage pipes, HDPE tightline and excavation. Work for these projects occurred in Langley, on Whidbey Island, on Bainbridge Island, Sequim, Poulsbo, Hansville and Port Angeles.

Hoh River Restoration Live Staking

We have installed approximately 5,000 willow and cottonwood live stakes/poles into the river bank of the Hoh river  in 2021 and 2022. This is also scheduled for 2023. This project is a portion of the Hoh River river restoration project funded by the Federal Highway Administration and primed by Interwest Construction. 2022 saw approximately 95% […]

Port of Port Angeles 20-Acre Utility Locate

Our utility locaters spent a week using conductive utility locate equipment and ground penetrating radar to locate belowground objects in Port Angeles. The nearly 20 acre site is owned by the Port of Port Angeles and is planned for development. We located gas, power, communications, water, old wells, and stormwater infiltration trenches.

Port Gamble Flagpole Inspection

Port Gamble’s has a historic flagpole in the center of town. This flagpole is dated to early 1900 century. Unfortunately in 2018 it was struck by lightening and the flag was removed. Our Certified Arborists returned in 2022 with a micro-resistance drill and a spider lift from KingWest LLC Tree Service. We assessed the flagpole […]

Pile Driving Sheet Pile with Limited Access

Our client in Port Angeles suffered a landslide due to improperly managed stormwater pipes and heavy rains. The landslide was around 5 feet from her foundation which made accessibility extremely limited. The location of the house and the landslide location was was separated by only a few feet. We used our micro-excavator, along with our […]

Fort Worden State Park Sand Dunes

Our crew worked an interesting project at Fort Worden State Park in Port Townsend. The critically imperiled sand-verbena moth (Copablepharon fuscum) uses the yellow sand verbena (Abronia latifolia) for 100% of it’s life cycle. These rare, clumping plants grow on Washington’s dwindling sand dunes. A large area of supportive habitat near the Fort Worden Lighthouse […]

North Olympic Salmon Coalition Hoko & Uncas Wetland Assessment

Our team conducted large wetland delineations and ratings, and riparian shoreline ordinary-high water mark studies for the Nort Olympic Salmon Coalition in 2022. One of these, the Hoko-Ozette property is a 60-acre old farmland with a rail road passing through the northern section. The second parcel, a 20-acre forested wetland near Uncas Creek in Jefferson […]

Live Stakes on Landslide in Agnew

Our crew rappelled down a large landslide headscarp and installed hundreds of live stakes. We then hydroseeded the area and placed hay to provide some protection and drought buffering.

City of Newberry Utility Pole Test and Inventory

In summer 2022, we inventoried and tested all 2,200 wooden poles in Newberry Michigan, in the upper peninsula. This included non-destructive test and GIS inventory.  Poles included live and abandoned poles, all phases, throughout the entire town. Prior to this the City had no electronic and very little hard records of their poles. As we […]

Jump Playground Jefferson County

Peninsula Environmental was a subcontractor on the JUPM Playground in Jefferson County. This playground was installed at the HJ Carroll Park. JUMP Stands for the Jefferson Universal Movement Playground and is specifically designed for people with mobility issues. We installed all the irrigation, which included drip bubblers and lawn sprinklers. We also installed trees, shrubs, […]

Sequim Roundabout Landscaping

We designed and installed the landscaping at the Sequim Dungeness Way & Woodcock Road roundabout.

Jefferson County Airport Herbicide Underlayment

In 2021 the FAA funded the regrading and asphalting of the Jefferson County Airport. This project required bareground soil sterilant applied below the asphalt. With our 300 gallon, 12-foot boom, herbicide spray truck, we applied 1,800 gallons of herbicide mixture across the 26,000 square yards (234,000 square feet).  

WSDOT I-5 Pole Inspections in Tacoma

Our utility inspectors tested luminaire poles on WA Interstate 5 in Tacoma using non-destructive methods. The poles were around 30 inches in diameter so we used out large sized micro-resistance drill. This non-destructive testing can test poles without having to dig up around them. One poles had already fallen – on Superbowl Sunday of all […]

Landslide Mitigation and Drainage Installation

A long-term noxious weed (link to service page) client suffered a large landslide in the winter of 2019, after a gutter stormwater pipe (tight line) burst at the top of their slope.

Hood Canal Coordinating Council – Sloped Demolition

Our construction crew was asked to demolish and remove structures on a highly technical steep slope in Poulsbo.

Landslide Mitigation Plan & Restoration

Peninsula Environmental Group, Inc. developed and installed a mitigation plan on a landslide and road reconstruction project with Northwestern Territories, Inc.

Tree Policy Recommendations for City of Bainbridge Island

The City of Bainbridge Island recently enlisted us and another arborist, Katy Bigelow, to help revise their local ordinances with respect to trees and forests.

Urban Forest Management Plan for City of White Salmon

Peninsula Environmental Group recently worked on a large Street Tree Inventory project for the City of White Salmon.

Urban Forest Assessment for City of Tumwater

This multi-faceted project involved three main parts: Street Tree Inventory, Greenspaces Inventory, and Canopy Assessment.

Sequim Bay Area, Shoreline Restoration

This shoreline restoration project in the Sequim Bay area involved a thorough slope assessment to identify any issues with the slope that we could help with.

Marketing Videos for Tree Service Providers

We collaborate with and produce marketing campaigns for local tree service companies.

Coppertop, Sustainable Landscaping

We landscaped and irrigated the second Coppertop development on Bainbridge Island.

Jefferson County, 120-Acre Designated Forest Land

The Peninsula Environmental Group team conducted a forest assessment and evaluation, then wrote a substantial timber management plan to meet the requirements of Washington States Designated Forest Land program.

Garry Oak Forest Pruning in Sequim

Peninsula Environmental is honored to manage and prune one of the last, largest remaining stands of Garry Oak (Quercus garryana) trees in Sequim, WA. The oak woodland stand has been privately owned for over 80 years. We prune the Garry oaks every 2-5 years depending on annual rainfall, drought conditions, and other environmental factors.

Downtown Port Angeles – Volunteer English Ivy Remediation

Peninsula Environmental Group recently participated in an English Ivy remediation effort along the pedestrian ramp off of Oak St.

Bo Baggins Daycare, Maple Assessment

The Bo Baggins daycare in Port Angeles, WA contacted us about a potentially high-risk tree. The large tree branch had recently fallen onto the Cherry Street and taken out the power until City crews arrived. The tree was ancient, we counted over 100 years after the tree was removed. The tree was previously logged at […]

Smith Island Noxious Weed Management 2017-2022

Peninsula Environmental planned and executed the removal of Class A noxious weeds in a 90 acre wetland in Everett. Purple Loosestrife, Yellow Iris and Knotweed were identified. The project was part of the Smith Island/Union Slough Restoration Project. The site, a restored estuary, was surveyed and weeds were manually removed to reduce the invasive spread […]

Lyre Creek Conifer Release

The North Olympic Land Trust contracted with us to provide forest stand maintenance services at their Lyre Creek Restoration site. We performed preliminary conifer release, stand restoration, and stand thinning services to a 30-acre parcel within Lyre. NOLT will be returning with volunteers to complete a section of red alder thinning required for their Natural […]