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Landslide Mitigation and Drainage Installation

A long-term noxious weed (link to service page) client suffered a large landslide in the winter of 2019, after a gutter stormwater pipe (tight line) burst at the top of their slope.

Hood Canal Coordinating Council – Marine High Bluff Shoreline Demolition

Our construction crew was asked to demolish and remove structures on a highly technical steep slope in Poulsbo.

Marketing Videos for Tree Service Providers

We collaborate with and produce marketing campaigns for local tree service companies.

Downtown Port Angeles – Volunteer English Ivy Remediation

Peninsula Environmental Group recently participated in an English Ivy remediation effort along the pedestrian ramp off of Oak St.

Landslide Mitigation Plan & Restoration

Peninsula Environmental Group, Inc. developed and installed a mitigation plan on a landslide and road reconstruction project with Northwestern Territories, Inc.

Bainbridge Island, Tree Protection Code Revision

The City of Bainbridge Island recently enlisted us and another arborist, Katy Bigelow, to help revise their local ordinances with respect to trees and forests.

White Salmon, Street Tree Inventory and Forest Management Plan

Peninsula Environmental Group recently worked on a large Street Tree Inventory project for the City of White Salmon.

Tumwater, City-wide Forest Assessment

This multi-faceted project involved three main parts: Street Tree Inventory, Greenspaces Inventory, and Canopy Assessment.

Sequim Bay Area, Shoreline Restoration

This shoreline restoration project in the Sequim Bay area involved a thorough slope assessment to identify any issues with the slope that we could help with.

Coppertop, Sustainable Landscaping

We landscaped and irrigated the second Coppertop development on Bainbridge Island.

Jefferson County, 120-Acre Designated Forest Land

The Peninsula Environmental Group team conducted a forest assessment and evaluation, then wrote a substantial timber management plan to meet the requirements of Washington States Designated Forest Land program.

Sequim, Garry Oak Pruning

Peninsula Environmental Group is honored to manage and prune one of the last, largest remaining stands of Garry Oak (Quercus garryana) trees in Sequim, Washington. The oak woodland stand has been privately owned for over 80 years. We prune the Garry oaks every 2-5 years depending on annual rainfall, drought conditions, and other environmental factors. […]

Forestry Inventory & Analysis – Priest Point Park

While employed with the City of Olympia, John Bornsworth conducted a forest analysis with a habitat biologist. The project consisted of timber mapping, invasive species mapping, and native vegetation mapping. Together we identified and mapped associations between colonies of invasive English ivy and a reduced level of native tree recruitment. This data was eventually used […]

Bo Baggins Daycare, Maple Assessment

Bo Baggins Tree evaluation and analysis by professional arborists. The Bo Baggins daycare, Sitkum Tree Service and the City of Port Angeles contacted us about a potentially high-risk tree in uptown Port Angeles. A large tree branch had recently fallen onto the Cherry Street and taken out the power until City crews arrived. The tree […]

Smith Island/Union Slough Noxious Weed Management

Peninsula Environmental Group planned and executed the removal of Class A noxious weeds Purple Loosetrife, Yellow Iris and Knotweed. The project was part of the Smith Island/Union Slough Restoration Project. The site, a restored estuary, was surveyed and weeds were manually removed to reduce the invasive spread and encourage native growth. Working with the tides […]

Lyre Creek Conifer Release

The North Olympic Land Trust contracted with us to provide forest stand maintenance services at their Lyre Creek Restoration site. We performed preliminary conifer release, stand restoration, and stand thinning services to a 30-acre parcel within Lyre. NOLT will be returning with volunteers to complete a section of red alder thinning required for their Natural […]

Terra Haven Tiny Home Development

PEG provides Tree Conservation & Protection Plans for different engineering firms, landscape architects, builders and developers across the Puget Sound. This TPP/TPPP project was unique in its scale and proximity to a wildlife protection area, specifically American bald habitat. We assisted site planning by identifying the bald eagle nesting zone, determining the required buffers and […]

Iron Springs Owners Association

Peninsula Environmental Group is an on-call community forester and arborist for Iron Springs Owners Association, a coastal community nestled between enormous ancient spruce trees and native coastal shrubs. The association receives arborist reports from a number of local independent arborists. When multiple arborist reports contested or disagreed with each other we offered fact-finding and objective […]

U.S. Coast Guard, Noxious Weed Control

Many facilities require vegetation free zones to ensure safe and easy accessibility for use and maintenance. This is especially true for critical infrastructure, like the U.S. Coast Guard communications facility that aids in at sea emergency response situations.  We maintain a weed free area and buffer at one such facility in Discovery Bay. Weeds onsite […]

Clallam Bay Corrections Center – Institutional Vegetation Control

Location: Experts: Clallam Bay Corrections Center requires a facility wide, 30-foot perimeter of bare-ground around their facility. We visit the facility two or three times per year.  Year-round vegetation control is achieved with a variety of pre-emergent and post-emergent chemicals.  Our treatments follow a strenuous integrated plant management plan which designed to reduce  harm to […]

Cottage Development Tree Protection Plan

Our Certified Arborists conducted a tree inventory and developed a Tree Conservation Plan and supplemental Tree Protection Plan for a unique forested, cottage development within the City of Port Townsend. A ½ acre forested property was planned for development of 6-7 single-family tiny homes, or cottages as identified in Port Townsend Municipal Code. In collaboration […]

Private Marine Shoreline & Steep Slope Erosion Control/Restoration

This project was designed to remove invasive plant species and install native vegetation to reduce rainwater disturbance, provide slope stabilization, and enhance wildlife habitat. Following noxious weed removal, we installed over 800 native plants on this residential shoreline property to help achieve these goals. We adhered to best management practices plant selection and installation, facilitating […]

Owners Association Bluff Tree Management & Habitat Plans

Our team facilitates tree pruning on steep shoreline slopes Port Townsend annually. We collaborate with property owners and appropriate volunteer board, assess and evaluation desired pruning and provide recommendations. To save time and money on hiring multiple consultants, our wildlife biologist visits the property with our consulting arborists and provides habitat protection recommendations. Two reports, […]

Freeman Park

  We provided strategic conceptual design, implementation and full-scale landscape restoration delivery to a unique 30-acre clear-cut in Port Angeles. We base our concepts of ecosystem architecture on built forest landscapes, merging the scientific and innovative trends of landscape architecture and ecosystem engineering. This site is a current research project of Western Washington’s Huxley School […]

Clallam Conservation District Plant Sale

Our staff are active in our community. We volunteer at the Clallam Conservation District’s yearly plant sale to assist the public in native plant decision making, natural and regenerative design standards, and focus planting the “Right Plant in the Right Place”. You might catch us educating people about pruning fruit trees at local nursery spring […]

Private Marine Shoreline & Steep Slope Erosion Control/Restoration

To learn more about our slope rehabilitation services click here. This video collage is compiled from a marine shoreline restoration and steep-slope stabilization project in Blyn Washington. Our crew installed coir erosion fabric, erosion logs and many native plants into the slope. This design intends to inhibit future sediment erosion, strengthen the slope’s soil cohesion, and […]

Garry Oak Habitat Conservation Plan

John Bornsworth, Board Certified Master Arborist and tree ecologist, wrote a long-term conservation plan for a community park in Sequim populated with native Garry oaks (Quercus garryana). The plan described and lined out management and practical objectives for the following: Current tree preservation through ground aeration Soil decompaction methods Hardscape removal and wayfinding improvements to […]

Private Marine Shoreline & Steep Slope Restoration

To learn more about our slope rehabilitation services click here. Following tree removal on a shoreline in Port Angeles, Peninsula Environmental installed over 1,000 native low growing trees, shrubs and herbaceous herbs and grasses on this shoreline steep slope. Plants were chosen for their suitability in a nearshore environment, tolerance to salt, sun and wind, and […]

Arboriculture & Tree Climbing Workshop

John Bornsworth, Principle Arborist and Urban Forester, was asked by the Washington Conservation Corps to develop curriculum and train corps members in arboriculture and safe tree climbing at their annual training symposium. This four-day training covered aspects of visual tree assessment (VTA), tree evaluation, tree pruning methods, and climbing methods like Stationary Rope System (SRS) […]

Historical Pear Tree Grafting

We conducted a fruit tree grafting project to reproduce historically significant pear trees in Shelton. The very old pear trees (Pyrus communis) are located in the South Sound, in the city of Shelton. These trees were planted by Mr. David Shelton himself, a South Sound pioneer and pear distributor. The long term plans for this […]