Residential UAV Solutions

Residential UAV Services

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), commonly called drones, are as versatile as they are impressive. Our Residential UAV Services are fast and affordable, bringing the future to you — now.

UAVs enable homeowners to capture high-quality, 4K, aerial photos and video at an affordable price. Our FAA Certified Pilot can maneuver our UAV just a few feet above the ground to 400 feet altitude, allowing you views from an entirely new perspective.

Aerial photography is used everywhere:

• Weddings

• Family Reunions

• Real Estate

• Holidays

• Company Events

• Other Special Occasions

Prices start at $185 per Standard Session

Standard Sessions include:

• Approximately 30 minutes of flight, captures between 20-50 individual images in any format, and/or unedited 4K quality video footage

• Additional $50 per extra battery (30 minutes of flight)

Mapping Sessions:

• $250 covers aerial mapping of around 10 acres. You get all individual images captured during flight and Orthophotos in GeoTIFF & JPEG formats

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