Residential UAV Services

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), commonly called drones, are as versatile as they are impressive. Our Residential UAV Services are fast and affordable, bringing the future to you — now.

UAVs enable homeowners to capture high-quality, 4K, aerial photos and video at an affordable price. Our FAA Certified Pilot can maneuver our UAV just a few feet above the ground to 400 feet altitude, allowing you views from an entirely new perspective.

Aerial photography is used everywhere:

• Weddings

• Family Reunions

• Real Estate

• Holidays

• Company Events

• Other Special Occasions

Prices start at $185 per Standard Session

Standard Sessions include:

• Approximately 30 minutes of flight, captures between 20-50 individual images in any format, and/or unedited 4K quality video footage

• Additional $50 per extra battery (30 minutes of flight)

Mapping Sessions:

• $250 covers aerial mapping of around 10 acres. You get all individual images captured during flight and Orthophotos in GeoTIFF & JPEG formats

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