Skilled Tree Pruning

Skilled Tree Pruning

All the tree pruning and trimming work we perform is overseen by an ISA Certified Arborist or Master Arborist.

Our ISA Certified Arborists have experience in very tight working conditions, where people and property safety are paramount. We have experience safely pruning above, between and around houses and other structures.  

Arboriculture is the art and science of tree care and we use this philosophy to approach tree pruning. Our main objectives with our tree pruning approach are: 

  • Long-term Tree Health 
  • People & Property Safety 
  • Aesthetics and Natural Beauty  

We commonly perform the following types of tree pruning:

  • Structural pruning 
  • Window pruning & clearance pruning  
  • Shoreline and steep slope view enhancement pruning 
  • Fruit tree and orchard pruning 
  • Pruning for plant health 
  • Aesthetic pruning  
  • Crown restoration pruning 
  • Crown reduction and reshaping pruning 
  • Hazard mitigation  

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Common Pruning Methods:

Structural Pruning

Often applied to small to medium sized trees, still actively growing in form and size. Structural pruning both reduces/removes structural features which can lead to problems in the future and directs tree growth and future form to best suit the tree’s environmental and infrastructural constraints.

Window Pruning and Clearance Pruning

Essential to maintain property views and retain a tree’s landscape quality and benefits. We are here to help maintain your valuable view without harming or mal-pruning your trees.

View Enhancement Pruning in Shorelines and Steep Slopes

Performed in designated shoreline jurisdictions, and in steep slopes where both tree removal and tree pruning are permitted by the regulatory authority. Our team will discuss viewshed planning objectives with you, write the technical and biological documentation to fulfill permits requirements and carry out the viewshed enhancement pruning.

Fruit Tree and Orchard Pruning

Prescribed by our Senior Horticulturalist <insert link> and carried out by an ISA Certified Arborist. Our fruit tree pruning can meet goals associated with increasing fruit production, or decreasing fruit production, managing diseases like anthracnose, and pests like apple maggots.

Hazard Mitigation Pruning

Performed on dead, diseased and dangerous branches. These branches and tree parts may require advanced rigging protocols, cranes, or otherwise advanced measures to safely depart from the tree and bring down. Our Certified Arborists are trained in Tree Risk Assessment Methodology <link to ISA TRAQ page> by the ISA to understand and qualify risk in trees.

Crown Restoration Pruning

ANSI A300 pruning style aimed at repairing tree structure damaged by severe weather such as snow and ice storms and windstorms. Restoration pruning equally reestablishes tree structure after damaged from inexperienced tree pruners and tree services. Restoration pruning works with the tree’s natural growth response and local environmental and infrastructural constraints to reestablish a healthy and safe crown.

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