Wetland Restoration Project:
Union Slough Estuary

Peninsula Environmental Group, Inc. is continuing an ongoing restoration project at the Union Slough/Smith Island estuary.

At this restored estuary site, we are manually removing invasive weeds and encouraging the growth of native plant species.  Working with the tides, we are removing weeds on the mudflats and transporting them off site to be disposed of in accordance with Snohomish County Noxious Weed Board.


The project will run from July 2019 through December 2019.

Services Explained

Peninsula Environmental Group, Inc. field crews are working to remove – by hand – the Class A invasive plant purple loosestrife (Lythrum salicaria) and yellow flag iris (Iris pseudacorus).

Careful and methodical extraction of the plant is required to ensure successful long-term control. Extraction of roots and seed-head capture are two critical components of this estuary noxious weed control project.

Estuaries like Smith Island & Union Slough provide many benefits such as wildlife habitat, flood and stormwater buffering, aquifer recharge and act as a great city retreat and passive recreation area.

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City of Everett Wetland restoration project