​You take your health seriously. As Certified Arborists and Plant Biologists, we take your plants health seriously. Plants, including trees, are susceptible to all sorts of insects, diseases, bacteria, fungi and other pathogens. We are experts in plant disease and diagnosis. We will identify what’s ailing your plants and offer remedial solutions. If you care for your trees, care for them properly.

Plant Disease and Diagnosis

  • Fertilizers and Soil Care
  • Pest Control
  • Preventative Tree Care
  • Tree & Shrub disease diagnosis & control
  • Tree & root injections
  • Mycorrhizal inoculations​
  • Pruning for Tree Health

One-hour Inspection

A one-hour inspection is our most common certified arborist service for homeowners and can answer most common questions. If you’re worried about a trees potential risk, or believe a tree could be sick and are looking for real, science based planning, this service is for you.

Typical reasons for one-hour inspections are Tree Risk Assessments, Tree Health Assessments, arborist reports, pests & pathogens, aerial tree inspections, pre-purchase inspection, landscape design questions, noxious weeds, ecology and forest health questions.

Tree Treatments & Spraying

In cases of fungal and insect disease that cannot be controlled via pruning or cultural methods, spraying fungicide or insecticide is the best option. Our Certified Arborists and biologists are a Washington State Licensed Commercial Applicators with training and licenses for aquatic spraying, rights-of-way spraying and ornamental spraying. Only after rigorous disease identification do we begin to spray trees and plants.

Tree Fertilizing, ​Mycorrhizae Innoculations & Soil Care

Wild-land trees don’t normally require fertilizing because of the environments ability to self-mulch. Urban trees that aren’t mulched, and some that are, require extra nutrients to sustain themselves. No all trees require the same nutrients, and not all fertilizers contain the same nutrients. Fertilizing a tree with the incorrect nutrients, or more nutrients than required, often negatively affects tree health. We can fertilize both trees and shrubs, evergreen and deciduous, with the correct amount of required fertilizer.

In addition to fertilizing, we can inoculate the soil of a trees critical root zone with local, beneficial fungal mycorrhizae. Similar to probiotics for our guts, healthy soil requires living bacteria and fungi to sustain and assist trees in their nutrient delivery systems. For more information on mycorrhizae click here.

Follow this link for more information on tree fertilizing and soil care.

Pruning for Tree Health

Trees and your landscape are an investment, just like your house and property. Pruning trees correctly now will directly impact your tree’s longevity and the overall enjoyment your trees provide.​

When you select a Certified Arborist to prune your trees, you and your neighbors will see a difference this year and into the future. Certified Arborists search the canopy for dead and diseased wood, removing what is required for safety and functionality but no more.

Follow this link for a brochure on Pruning for Tree Health.