Wooden Salmon Ladders

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Wooden Salmon Ladders

February 26, 2014

John Bornsworth worked with the City of Poulsbo’s Fish Park to install a series of salmon ladders or steps. We used naturally sourced logs from the local forest to install the large woody debris.

Ensuring that salmon have navigable passages through riparian corridors is a crucial part of salmon recovery efforts. By creating steps that pool water, the salmon are able to jump upstream past areas that were previously unpassable due to a lack of running water, excessively steep gradient, and other barriers. Projects like this enable salmon to reach habitat further up the watershed that was previously blocked as a result of development or other artificial barriers in riparian areas.


Project Name:
Wooden Salmon Ladders
Client Name:
Fish Park in Poulsbo, WA
Poulsbo, WA
Salmon and orca recovery, wildlife enhancement, stream improvements