Landslide Mitigation Plan & Restoration

Peninsula Environmental Group, Inc. developed and installed a mitigation plan on a landslide and road reconstruction project with Northwestern Territories, Inc. In summer of 2018 a watermain failure caused a large landslide on a maintenance road to the Dungeness Lighthouse, the lighthouse at the end of the Dungeness Wildlife Refuges’ spit. PEG was asked to both develop the mitigation plan as required by county planners to reduce stream turbidity and sustain water quality, and restore native habitat in the area.

Our landscape designers selected a range of plants accustomed to the dry, northwestern slope, whose roots will grow to bind to roots, deplete soil moisture, and prevent soil failures. All together our restoration crew installed almost 1,500 plants into this area. We also installed special erosion control logs along slope contours and bio-blocks at the base of the slope to rebuild soils and reduce soil creep. Installation was difficult due to the terrain: very steep slopes and eroding soils. Ropes were used to access and work within the slope, to reduce foot-traffic and inhibit further erosion.

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