Marketing Videos for Tree Service Providers

We collaborate with and produce marketing campaigns for local tree service companies. Our Digital Media Specialist and Photographer (Dan Sullivan) has a background in video production and years of experience working for a major camera manufacturer. His eye for photography, UAVs flying experience and Dan’s video production skills result in excellent commercials and marketing campaigns for our clients. Dan has worked closely with multiple companies and agencies to manifest their visions in video. Below are two examples of collaborative campaigns with tree services.

Dan uses a combination of 4K-quality aerial videos from UAVs, and 4K-quality GoPro video from multiple angles in trees, limbs and other vantage points.

If you have a project in mind but need a director, editor, videographer, or are not quite sure where to start — we’re here to help!

Some examples are below:

Arbor’s Edge Orchard & Tree Service asked us to produce a video envisioned as a 1-minute overview of their services. This type of video is typically used on social media to reach audiences.


Sitkum Tree Service asked us to produce a video intended to be used as a soundless background video loop shown at trade shows and other public events. Its modular assembly allows for updating and adding shots in the future.



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Project Details

  • Client Name: Arbor’s Edge Tree Service & Sitkum Tree Service
  • Location: Port Angeles, WA
  • Staff:
  • Budget: $2,000
  • Date: September 2018