Herbicide Injections for Invasive Plants

Invasive plant species, sometimes called noxious weeds, are non-native plants that establish and spread readily and cause, or are likely to cause, environmental and/or economic damage.

With injectable herbicides, we can selectively target and remove unwanted woody vegetation such as English Ivy, Scotch Broom, Russian Olive, Tree-of-heaven, English Hawthorne and more.

Pros of Using Herbicide Injection to Control Invasives:

• Direct herbicide application

• No overspray or damage to other plants

• No spraying and mixing of chemicals

• Chemicals are encapsulated

• Long-term control of invasive plants

Plants We Can Inject:

• English Ivy

• English Holly

• English Laurel

• English Hawthorne

• Scotch Broom

• Russian Olive

• Tree-of-heaven

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