Hydroseeding Services for Erosion Control

Native Plant Hydroseeding and Hydraulic Mulches

We have developed specialized hydroseed and hydraulic mulch techniques we apply specifically to erosion on steep slopes. Hydraulic mulch is applied multiple times, at specific rates to regrow native plants and grass on eroded and compromised slopes. Our different proprietary selections of native seeds germinate according to the time we apply the mulch, either in spring or fall.

This system requires multiple treatments on the same area, at the same time. This includes applying hydraulic mulches, seeds and then more mulch. We also install more elaborate GreenArmor™ Systems that include a more robust lining between the applications of hydroseed and hydraulic mulch.

We also offer traditional lawn hydroseeding. Click for more information.

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Very steep slopes exceed the capacity for hydroseeding alone. These steep slopes require a bonded fiber matrix or hydraulic mulch to stick the hydroseed to the slope and provide a substrate for initial growth.

Bonded fiber matrix is an engineered wood fiber mulch with added polacrylamides, guar gums and synthetic fibers to reinforce the matrix once cured. BFM is generally more effective than rolled fabrics covering a slope, especially natural, unengineered slopes with remnant vegetation and undulations. Applications are performed in fall or spring, depending on your specific site and growing requirements.

GreenArmor™ Systems include another engineered mesh layer between layers of mulch. We use this technique in unconsolidated soils that may erode quicker than normal.  GreenArmor allows the hydroseed and mulch more surface area to bind to, and more area for root growth.

Native Plants

Native seeds of woody and herbaceous plants and grasses are added to our hydroseed application. This is different from the majority of hydroseeding that sprays non-native grasses.

Erosion Control

Hydroseeding with native plants and BFM is an effective treatment for landslides and erosion. The landscape doesn’t require a native seed bank, or very much soil substrate. Our seed portfolio and hydraulic mulch provide these important elements.

Green Armoring

An engineered, rolled matrix can be installed prior to hydroseeding that provides an additional substate for the hydraulic mulching to bond and adhere to. This matrix remains on the slope and becomes interwoven with roots of native plants. This product is especially important for sandy slopes.


Erosion control applications are performed in year round. We need 48 hours of no-rain to effectively cure the mulch. We have 600 feet of hose that can access hard to reach and remote slopes. Hydroseed and hydraulic mulch are applied both from the top of the slope and from the bottom. Natural rainfall or supplemental irrigation are important to grow healthy plants after hydroseeding.