Wetland Delineation and Rating

Wetland Delineation and Rating

Wetland delineations establishes the existence (location) and physical limits (size) of a wetland for purposes of federal, state, and local regulations.

A wetland rating establishes the protection standards and buffers depending on your county or city.

Our team of wetland biologists are prepared to work in a variety of locations in the Puget Sound and understand your properties specific regulatory requirements. Our goal is to understand the needs of your specific property and jurisdiction and facilitate a quick approval through accurate biological assessments.

Peninsula Environmental Group conducts delineations and ratings in a variety of wetland habitat types: tidal salt, freshwater, seasonal, riparian woodlands, vernal pools, marshes, meadows, seasonal forest wetlands, man-made, agricultural, and ponds.

Our Wetland Delineation and Rating Service Includes

Documentation and Regulation Permits

Here at Peninsula Environmental Group our team utilizes current regulation methods to document wetlands of all kinds, and produce a precise declaration. Our experienced consultants can also assist with designing thoughtful, multi-functional, mitigation and restoration plans to enhance the landscape, and quality of your property, all while satisfying regulatory requirements. We can help with permit application, all the way through completion of the construction project.


Clean Water Act Section 401 & 404

Section 404 of the Clean Water Act authorizes the US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) to regulate the discharge of dredged or fill material into the waters of the United States, including wetlands, streams, and other waters. To define the location, size, and quality of waters of the United States, the USACE established a delineation protocol. A delineation is required for all projects that involve potential impacts to waters of the United States.

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