Wood Inspection Services

Non-Destructive, Qualitative Testing

We test wood in playgrounds, log houses & foundations, docks & piers, etc. Our advanced technology and understanding of wood sets us apart.

Using micro-resistance , we are able to inspect and analyze wood for signs of decay, damage, or any other structural abnormality with no impact to the wood itself. The technology is non-destructive, unlike traditional wood testing methods. Our micro-resistance drills provide detailed PDF output, so we can provide them to engineers or insert them into reports.

We also provide pole, structure, and facility mapping. In the process of inspection, we can collect accurate GPS/GIS data that overlays with our testing results.

Wooden Utility Poles

Bridges, Trestles & Wooden Foundations

Cabins & Playground Equipment

Marine Docks & Piers

Historic Buildings

Trees and other structures

What is a micro-resistance drill?

Our micro-resistance drills are non-destructive. The needle used during examination is 1.2 mm diameter, leaving behind an inconspicuous hole. This technology means fast and accurate measurements while minimizing impact to the observed area. If you need objective, verifiable data – we can help.

This can be used for log homes, play grounds, utility poles, trees, piers, foundations and other wooden structures.

microresistance drill pole inspection